Friday, January 8, 2010

Surgery posting


Finally it's over; 6 weeks full of tortures, humiliations and harassment (not to forget the assignments). Some people think that it's good to teach by all these means, because sometimes people work better under pressure, through the hard way. But in my humble opinion, a teacher shouldn't use offensive words towards the students like "bloody idiot", "donkey", "fool" etc. In Islam, we believe that words that we utter are like do'a. And what most, it comes out of a teacher's mouth. It can affect a student psychologically and spiritually. What if the student really, really becomes a "bloody idiot"; difficult to understand the knowledge that is being taught because every day what he/she heard are those do'a.

Other than that, I cant deny the fact that a student need to study, do revision and pay a great deal of attention during learning session. These are among the keys towards excellence in studies, which, everyone knows [but not everyone practicing, including me. :( ] And, in our prayer we should ask from His Almighty to open our heart to receive the knowledge and purify our heart from sin that always darken it.

Anyhow, I hope all of us can be a good servant to Allah, a good ummat for Rasulullah, a good child to our parents, a good student to our teachers, a good friend to a friend, and later, a good doctor to the society (you can add the 'later' list by yourself...^^,)

Okay. That's all for now. What's important, I finished my Semester 6 Surgery posting. Alhamdulillah! Yeah!

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