Monday, April 19, 2010

April babies


It's April again! As we always know, during this month almost 1/3 of ALU3, Class of Nov'06 will celebrate their birthdays. So here, even it's already in the middle of April, I would like to wish all the April babies a warm wish of birthday. May Allah guide your life in everything you do and grant you His never-ending blessing. And, do not forget, birthday is a remark that we are a step further to death, a day older than yesterday but a year added than the previous year. Hopefully, when the death approach us, we are well prepared. Irony, isn't it? Talking about death during birthday when people usually speaks about hopes and dreams. But, we are Muslim anyhow. Our goal of life is to die eventually. Therefore, let's make the very best of this life so that we may die a blissful death. May the best age that we live is at the end of our life.

Not to forget, it is said that Rasulullah SAW was born on 20 April 571M. Wallahua'lam. So, my dear friends, lets recite salawat upon him, as a dear reminder of our beloved prophet. Not only this time, but every other time also. He never fails to remember us, the ummah that he had not meet during his lifetime. Thus, it's our duty to remember him and practice his sunnah. May Allah bless Rasulullah. And may Allah bless us all.