Saturday, December 18, 2010

Manipal's Nurse


Today, we've been called nurses by an ustaz during a talk at Masjid Al-Azim, Melaka. This is not the first time, tho. And, I cannot deny that I do feel a tinge of burning sensation inside me at the moment. We are studying medic, and InsyaAllah will graduate as doctors and yet, are being called as...nurse.

But in a split second, when my conscience reign, it makes me ponder and rethink. What is there in names and titles? Gelaran, pangkat, nama, jawatan. Why do I want to become a doctor? Is it because of those two magical letters that will be in front of my name on my tag? Do I want respect from people that much? Astaghfirullah. Hida, get a grip. Renew your intention. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

Monday, December 13, 2010



People are so different. And perceive the same thing differently. Or the same word uttered by someone else can be interpreted wrongly when it is said by someone else. Got my point? I heard others called people "gemuk, gendut, buncit etc" like anything. I know it's not nice. But people never take it seriously. But when I said it? People take it to the heart. My fault anyway. That's why Rasulullah SAW did not allow us to call someone with names they don’t like. It's jahiliyah, people! Jahiliyah still. Haish. Sayonara jahiliyah.