Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Accident


This vid really makes me ponder upon myself; do we perform solah as soon as the muadzin finished the azan or we play with time until it's too late? What if Allah takes back our soul before we do the solah? Aqim solataka qabla mamataka (Pray your solah, before your death)


  1. huhuuh,,,memang vid yg sgt bgos!huuh

  2. Salam. i want to write something. but end up deleting them all over again. i dont know what words to put here but anyhow i managed to type this. a dear friend of us had passed away. yesterday he still with us but now he's no longer here. My deep condolence to the family and closest friends whom feel the pain more than I do.
    From Him we come, to Him we will return...