Friday, June 19, 2009

Of futsal and Me

I, from the beginning realized that I'm not a good futsal player. And now, for the Supremo games, they wanted to send 3 groups for female team. Fine. All the star players in one group, the useless ones in one group, and another one is for the bimbos. They said, we play for fun. They said, it's the last game we gonna play here in Manipal, so let us just play!

I know I'm not a good player. I know I'm just the black sheep of the team. But then, when things like this happen, it’s not that I'm backstabbing anyone. I don't mean to hurt anyone. I just don’t feel like playing anymore. The 'fun' part is missing already. How to make it come back? How to make me feel like enjoying the game again? I like futsal. Thanks to Sera for inviting me once upon a time and since then, I never missed playing futsal in any tournaments. Now, even the bimbos team is well-played than the team which I was put into to play tomorrow; who never played together except once - on the eve of the tournament day. So tomorrow, just see how we are going to play. Making fun of ourselves, in front of the juniors and our own batch mates. Like clown among the spectators. Just watch.

p/s: Sorry to my 'team'. I'm not healthy right now as healthy is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


  1. hida, al the best for today!
    erm, sy sokong korang nnti..
    play for fun ya! [x seronok lah kalau rs x best kan..^_^]

    go go chaiyok~~:)

  2. hida, i felt the same way when i didn't do well too. and basically i know wut u feel. i thot i was we were in the same group until the other day, they said i was in their group. tau smlm that u were quite shock. tp tahla
    just hope u get well soon k.
    yerp, we just play for fun k. kalo kita main ni niat kerana Allah, InsyaALLAH it'll be the best ever..

    luv u
    ur ex-deskmate

  3. salam hida...
    nak nyebok gak kat pos nih..

    don't feel bad,ur not alone..basically suma org pon rasa camtu,sy xterkecuali,even the others mcm sera,haz,priya dll pon ckp bnda yg sama..

    Kita main bukan utk prove apa2 to sapa2.Its ok if we play badly,org lain bleyh ckp apa2 yg diorng nak,boleyh gelak suka ati..but in d end,kita adalah kita,thats what makes a person stronger.(its not them who played...)

    Apa yg penting (kerjasama!! wonderpets dtg membantu! hihi)is we beleive in ourselves..
    Be a star to your ownself,not to anyone or to any team...i have faith in u.

    gud luck for the game ptg ni..

    lots of luv

  4. tiba2 baca balik this post, i can't think of what a crap i've been and how wonderful my friends are. sayang korang semua!