Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Once Upon A Time

02/03/09, Monday.

It's been a day; or rather, what a day had it been. I wont call it a bad day even though a series of unfortunate events had occurred - making the day even gloomier. It was what already written in the Luh Mahfuz which was meant to happen to me I guess.


It started in the morning, when Ana and me planned to go to End Point, cycling. The truth is, I don’t really know how to ride a bicycle but Ana kept on challenging me. So, we woke up early (err...) that day to complete the mission.

Around 6.40am, we were down in the basement of Pratham. Ana got the bicycles unlocked, and then we cycled for a few rounds in the basement to warm our body up. As we were ready to leave the basement, suddenly we heard sound of dog, barking outside the main gate. I looked at Ana and she looked at me back.

I boldly said, "Nothing to worry. The dog will run away if we scared him off." Ana nodded in agreement.

But, to our surprise, the dog which already stood by the gate didn’t go away. In stead, he (I assumed 'it' is a 'he') stared and started barking even more loudly at us. Then, he ran towards us; that was highly unsuspected. Ana managed to make a U-turn and she shouted at me to do so. I'm so much in shock actually and as I already mentioned earlier, I'm in no doubt a not-very-skillful bicycle-rider. So, since the dog was basically chasing us back into the basement, plus the basement is sort of down-the-hill kind of thing, the bicycle (and me obviously) went on the backward direction and the next thing I knew, I was, by that time, lying under the bicycle.

The dog, which had been so keen in running after us just now, sat still when he saw me beneath the bicycle. And Alhamdulillah he ran away.

Ana dashed to my side to check on me. Together, we went to lock the bicycle back. Oh, only my elbow and palms felt slightly stinging but I'm otherwise ok.

It's only 7am then, and we thought we still fancied a jog to End Point. Thus, I took a peek at the gate to see if the dog was somewhere nearby. And indeed he was. I thought if I "gertak(?)" him, he'll go away, just like any other dog, hence I did so. Guess what? Astonishingly that little creature barked and ran towards me like err… as fast as his legs could carry him. I darted and screamed, "Ana! Lari! Anjing tu kejar!!!"

Ana, who stayed with the bicycles, heard me and ran and hid herself behind some pillars and I joined her in the hiding. We could see the dog in the basement, just five to six meters from us. I prayed silently so that the dog will go away. I, for sure, wont like the idea of contracting rabies if the dog is a rabid (who would have want, anyway?). It just happened that there was no one in the basement at that time, except us -and the dog. The guard/caretaker was also nowhere to be seen at the moment.

A while later, we saw the dog headed his way out. Fuhh…what a relieve! Without saying a word, as we both knew and understood each other's mind, Ana and me went upstairs, get changed, sat at the dining table and recalled the incident again. Definitely, that was the first time ever for me (and Ana also) to get chased by a dog in India. Maybe that not sound a bit thrilling for you but it did freak me out. At least for the day. Huhu.

p/s: If there is any grammatical error, please let me know, ok. I want to improve. :)

To be continued…(kalau rajin la)

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