Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've sent my mom a parcel which contain a 'jubah', some chocolates from Ooty and a few other things. It took almost a fortnight for the parcel to reach my house, which, actually is a bit late because the officer at the post office assured me that the parcel will take a maximum of 10 days to reach its destination. Back to the story, today my mom got the parcel; with the jubah and all other things except the chocolates! I asked her whether the parcel is still properly wrapped with the white cloth and she said yes. I remembered putting tape all around the box before sending it to be wrapped by tailor-the one next to Amitha Bakery. My mom said, there was no tape around the box. Meaning that…well, you guess what's in my mind. How to be 'husnuzzon' over this ya? I tried searching in my room if I ever happened to misplace the chocolates and not actually putting it in the box but to no avail. It's not in my room after all. In fact, I've made a checklist of the things I put in the box before securely taped the box for the final. Huhu…guess it's not their 'rezeki' and not mine either. Allah knows best.


  1. ksiannye hida..xpe2 sabar ek..mmg susah ckit nak caye org cni,bukan nak mengutuk,tp mmg byk kwn2 kite dan sy sndiri mengalami nasib yg lbey krg sama...tape2,halalkan je tau dieorg lagi memerlukan...allah knows best:)

  2. sian nye mak hida..x dpt nak merasa coklat ooty..
    xpo da..nnti kelik msia bwk byk2..hehe..

  3. aah!sy stuju ngan nurani n venusia!krim kat bebudak yg nk g ooty tuh!pastuh nnt bulan 8 nih bwak balik a!=D