Monday, February 23, 2009

Cuti Ini - 2


It's me again! Sorry la gang. I got plenty of time without much thing to do. Today is day 2 of our holiday and I started feeling empty. So, can you guys help me in suggesting anything to do during this hols (before I'm off to the xxx)? Like...

1. Watching movies? List some interesting, worth-watching movies for me.
2. Going for a walk? Where? End point, eh? Other than that? Cuti2 Manipal lorr.
3. Eat good food, sleep all day long? Huhu.
4. ?
5. ??

Err...will the result of our Phase I Stage II exam be out tomorrow? I hoping the best for all of us. InsyaAllah each and everyone of us will walk proudly to Sem5 this coming March. I really hope so. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays, everyone!


  1. salam..ida..kamis and jumaat ni kan kite nak pegi buat kari? eh silap..madikeri..

  2. alamak! i xbuat lagi list barang2 nak bawak..!! aaa.. maisarah.. tolong amekkan pen2 n ketas i kat bilek parents u.. huhuhu cane nak packing nih.. errr.. uwaaa lagi~~ xdek beg.. huahuahua

  3. lor,gelabah la u eena!bwak je sket2 je,bukannye lame pon!its juz 2 days n i nite kan??hahah!act i pon xlistkan lg barang i!hahah!
    eniway,well done korang plakon2 tmbahan 'jab we met!ahahhaha!=P