Sunday, May 17, 2009


After a while leaving this here I come!!! Hehe. ^^,
Actually, lately I have been thinking of making a blog of my own. I repeat, of my own. Not that i don't like this ALU3 blog; I do like and adore it. But for my own satisfaction in expressing my ideas and all... Giving it a second thought, maybe I should just use this blog anyway. I don't know whether I'll be istiqamah or not to have my own blog. What's the point of having a blog without updating it from times to times? What's the point of having Facebook and Friendster accounts without taking care of it, right? What's the purpose of having commitment (usrah, friendship, family) but does not bother to concentrate on how to improve it again and again? There are always too many questions but with too little help to answer. Oh, forgive me for all this nonsense.

p/s: Best of luck to all ALU3 in this coming end-posting exam. Hope everyone can do the very best! I'm looking forward for OBG posting after this. Hehe. :D

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  1. sokong hida! buleh gak tu da..share ur thought in alu3 blog would be great..and rasenya hida lah yg plaing rajin update blog ni..[bangga ada ahli aktif cmnih^_^]